Friday, July 25, 2008

Adobe Sues Over eBay Sales

A lawsuit was filed on July 23, 2008, in the Northern District of California for copyright and trademark infringement arising from the sale of allegedly pirated software on eBay. The docket sheet is here:

I cannot download the complaint itself, but will keep trying.

The Software & Information Industry Association press release on the case is here:

Interesting to follow these auction site cases and to see how the first sale doctrine in copyright law works as a defense and if eBay gets brought in.


Blogger FLV TV said...

I fear that Adobe is barking up the wrong tree and they are rather toothless at this point in time, however, if Adobe would like to file a big lawsuit, I know of a website that is allegedly selling pirated goods and licensing them for use, now that would be a big lawsuit, but suing ebay, sorry wont fly.

Good story though

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