Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How Much is Your Domain Name Worth?

You've read that domain names are the new real estate, and that valuations for prime domain names are increasing again after the dot-com crash. Appraising a domain name is a tricky business, however, because unlike real real estate, i.e., dirt, we've only been placing values on domain names for a few years. As a general rule, the value of a domain name is the price the market will bear--the price a willing buyer will pay a willing seller. But where to start the negotiation? Registrar Moniker.com offers an appraisal service, as do several other companies. But I found an interesting tool the other day that might give you an idea of your domain name's value. Go to http://estibot.com/ and check it out. I personally think the valuations it offers are too high, but it it is interesting to see the methodology it employs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post some success I have had with this new domain name appraisal website. I buy, develope and then sell 5-6 websites per year. Generally I get a domain name appraisal to see where I should price it. The various free appraisals can vary by thousands of dollars. My last 3 sites I have been using WeValuer.com as my main domain valuer and they have been within about 15% of the actual selling price on Sedo. Though I could pass this on. Good luck to everyone!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Technolojik said...

there are alot of web sites and diffrent values about web site worth on the internet, you can search "How much is my web site worth?" from google, but my favorites is Hiberya.com

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Richard Cummings said...

I had not heard of these sites except after finding your blog. Thanks for the info...I'm off to check them out.

10:03 AM  
Blogger sri said...

Domain name appraisal is the process of finding an estimated market value for a particular domain, or plainly said its the process of evaluating how much a domain name is worth. There are many providers offer this appraisal service. I found a free appraisal service at http://www.zippozap.com/ .You can use this and appraise your domains easily.

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